Friday, 28 August 2009

Fried pepper with feta cheese (peynirli biber)

Pepper with feta cheese is my mum's special treat in the mornings for us when I was a child.In the summer she was picking up fresh peppers from garden and cooking in the kitchen.This nice smell was waking me up quickly in the morning.This is very easy but delicious recipe.
You can use red,green,yellow peppers whatever you like.I used red one in my recipe.

2 red peppers
100 gr feta cheese
5 tbsp olive oil
Black sesame

Cut the peppers into the small pieces.Put the frying pan on the heat.Add olive oil .After 1 min, add peppers.Fry peppers until they are soft and giving their colours to the oil. Turn heat off.Take peppers to the plate and ground feta cheese on the peppers by using hand.Sprinkle some black sesame on it.Enjoy.

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